We are the Walkers & Thinkers bigging up Nature & Creativity. Firm believers in Great Ideas in the Great Outdoors. Getting out from behind our desks and going for some fresh thinking on our feet. Please join us.


We start with a blog showcasing superb examples of  Nature & Creativity. We then move onto an expanding gallery of  Walkers & Thinkers. Some are friends, some we consider friends in kind. Finally a series of GoSlo™ walks. Meditative GoPro footage from real life walks for you to enjoy at leisure.

We are heading towards hosting some events, all based on getting out there, connecting with nature and like-minded souls to help formulate new ideas with some downtime campfire whisky drinking good times, to ‘help’ stimulate, share and brew those ideas. Coming soon.

Walking and thinking isn’t new. Humans have been thinking on their feet since Aristotle. It’s just something we’ve tended to forget about. We’ve all got into being busy and speedy. But taking our brains for a walk really works. All the greats were in on it: Dickens, Byron, Wordsworth, Jobs. Fresh air in. Fresh ideas out. You never know where it can lead… simply it started with a walk.